But if you don’t dream big what’s the use in dreaming If you don’t have faith there’s nothing worth believing

agosto 25, 2008

– Lena, What was most difficult today (18.08.2008)? – Probably keeping my emotions under control. I wanted to quickly get into battle, but like always, I had to wait a bit longer the other participants to come in. The anticipation was a little wearisome. But in other respects – everything was just wonderful!

– Describe all three of your jumps at 5.05.
– On the first attempt the standards were a little too far back, I didn’t get on the pole strongly, barely touched the bar with my chest – and it fell. On the second, I ran poorly, extended my steps, the pole stood up – and I basically fell flat on the bar. But on the third, my coach Vitaly Afanasevich Petrov and I adjusted the standards, adjusted my run, I took a deep breath, went – and made it.

– Was everything as simple as you’ve described?
– Well, how simple… Only the tale is simple. I can’t convey what was going on inside me. Inside everything was boiling, I was quivering outside, but I tried to control myself, and not show what was happening.

– Which of your three Olympic Games was the most difficult? – I can’t say that they were difficult… In Sydney in 2000, I didn’t even get past qualifications, although I went there for a medal (laughing). In Athens in 2004, my chances for victory were put at perhaps 80 percent to 20. Some still thought another sportswoman would win. But in Beijing 100 percent of the people were already certain of my victory; no one had any doubt. And psychologically – entirely psychologically – these Olympics were the most difficult. Because I’ve became, for example, more widely recognized. Here I don’t go around in the Olympic village. I’ve sat in my room from August 14th until today.

– What thoughts were going through your head today, when it was in the air at five meters? – So, yet another record, the 24th! I was already counting (laughing). Although, of course, today’s record is quite unique. Winning the Olympics with a world record – this is so cool!

– At this time you didn’t cover yourself with a towel, but with a blanket. Wasn’t it hot?
– Oy, very hot. But it helped.

– What were you thinking about at this point?
– Nothing extraneous. I tried to gather all my strength into a fist and remember the jumps I’d done in Rome and Monaco – for the world records.

– You’ll keep jumping until London-2012? – Yes, of course. This is my goal, at least. I want to win in London with a world record – and leave with a clear conscience. (But if you don’t dream big what’s the use in dreaming If you don’t have faith there’s nothing worth believing)

(source http://www.allsport.ru/index.php?id=18037)

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